I was not planning on coming up with a series.  It just happened.

I was making a scarf for a prospective client who does not have any specific requirement.  She just needs something good enough to be given away as a gift.  So I went ahead and chose from my available yarns.  I have not done any combining of colors before, so I thought it would be a good time to start.  I found grey and white looked so good side by side, so I decided to combine those colors.   I was going to simply call the scarf the grey and white scarf, but about halfway through the project, my daughter commented, "Wow!  That looks delicious!  Cookies 'n Cream!"

And that's how Cookies 'n Cream came to being.

Then I posted the photo on Facebook, and asked my friends, what could be my next project?  I was going to work on a red and black combination as a request from a friend.  So I asked around for a good name to call it.  Red Velvet and Black Forest were suggested, until someone suggested that I come up with a Sweet Treat Series.  Buko Pandan and Mango Bravo were also suggested.

While I was working on the red and black project, which I was already planning to call Black Forest, my daughter again commented, "That's Lady Bug!"  And so that Lady Bug scarf is no longer a Sweet Treat, but I'm sure it will be the first of another series.

Then another prospective client messaged me that she needs a gift for her mother-in-law.  She wants something tan.  So I searched for inspiration online, keeping in mind that I want something that I can add to my Sweet Treat project.

I came across this chocolate mousse photo, and it served as my inspiration.

choco mousse

I'm sure there will be other colors that would be lovely to play with and turn into lovely scarves. Meanwhile, I'm just happy to share with you these two.

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