This project was inspired by a color palette that I came across the web, the rose blush and grey.  I started out to crochet a project for an order that did not specify the color, just the stitch that I used for a previous project in tan using light cashmere.

I chose the rose blush for a single color infinity scarf that will need about 180 rows of alternating single and double crochet.  After about 40 rows, I knew I won't have enough of the rose blush to complete the project, so I checked my yarn stash for a possible combination.  Found the grey heather just sitting there, and remembering a color palette I saw before (while I was on a hunt for colors to use on my blog site), I went ahead and did a quick math to plan the rows.

I also made one fastening band for each color, and fortunately, I have buttons to match.  Sad that I don't have pink buttons, so I used white and grey instead.

Check out the many ways this scarf can be worn below.

If you want something exactly similar, or a tweak on the color combination, please leave me a message here.